Patrice Carmichael
Contemporary Artist Landscapes and Abstracts

About Patrice



I am a landscape and abstract painter. From my studio in Toronto, noisy with streetcars and street life, I paint about quiet, wild places. These paintings redefine nature in my own realities of colour and shape. 

In 2014 and 2015 I travelled with Parks Canada's "Art in the Park" program to Ivvavik in the Western Arctic. This rare opportunity to experience a protected  area-- fewer than 100 people visit each year -- has been a powerful inspiration. Ivvavik is known as "the nursery," where Arctic wildlife comes to give birth.  As I sit in these spaces I find myself drawing from the past and reaching to the future.

My photography documenting this area has been exhibited at Gallery 44 in Toronto.  “Going North”  Stories from the Arctic in  2015.

This year I go in search of the Unicorn. My third journey to the Canadian Arctic takes me this spring to the Floe Edge. Somewhere between Baffin Island and Greenland, I will camp out on the ice for a few weeks. The hope? To meet the area’s mythical whale pods. These experiences are never what I think they will be, of course. It’s why I find the Arctic such a powerful, twisting muse. The Floe Edge will, it is predicted, disappear in the next 15 years. How fortunate I feel to have this chance to breathe it in. I look forward to the next part of the story and its inspiration. 

My "Bass Vibrations" collection has a different energy, as I explore the abstract and memory in a different way. These paintings reflect what has stayed with me. They're an offering of sorts, giving or receiving energy as the viewer chooses and experiences them.

Selected for the Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition 2013 at the Orillia Museum of Art and History. 
I have been represented by Agora Galley in Chelsea Manhattan. Previously, I held the position of President for The Beach Guild of Fine Art in Toronto,  a talented group of 55 artists and have served as the Guild's publicist.

I can been found painting at the 756 Studio Collective  located in Leslieville, Toronto. 
Thank you for viewing my work.